Casino & Shopping with dinner Tour (MOA & COD)

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The most famous shopping mall in the area, which is almost always introduced in tourist magazines featuring Manila, is "Mall of Asia / commonly known as MOA". This mall has a total area of ​​386,000 m2, which is about 8.2 times larger than the Tokyo Dome. There are about 600 restaurants in total, including about 150 restaurants serving international cuisine and about 120 apparel shops. It is a vibrant place that is visited by many people every day, mainly consisting of three shopping areas of South / North / Main and four buildings of Entertainment Mall. After enjoying shopping to your heart's content, we will guide you to a Filipino dinner. After dinner, it's time to play at City of Dreams! The time at one of the world's most famous casino facilities from Macau is exciting. In addition to famous games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and slot machines, there are also games that you will see for the first time, so it is interesting to aim for a lot of money, but it is also interesting to challenge all the games little by little! If you wish to continue playing at the casino even at the end of the tour, we can also disband locally. In that case, please use public transportation and return to the hotel. Speaking of Manila, shopping and casinos! It is a popular tour all year round, packed with such fun.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    6 hours

  • [Combine]: Adult [PTN20269-000] (ages 21+)

    USD 120.00


  • Highlight #1

    A splendid co-star of the Philippines and Macau. Enjoy shopping and casino to your heart's content

  • Highlight #2

    This is a great tour where you can enjoy co-starring with one of the largest shopping malls in Asia and a famous casino facility that has landed from Macau.


  • Schedule

    • 15:30 - 16:00

      Pick up guests at the hotel

      Time may vary depending on the hotel where you stay.

    • 16:30

      Arrive at Mall of Asia

      Enjoy your leisure time shopping at Manila's most famous super-sized shopping center.

    • 18:00

      Arrivel at the restaurant

      Guide to a Filipino restaurant. Please enjoy delicious food that can only be enjoyed in that area.

    • 19:00

      Depart from the restaurant

    • 19:30

      Arrival at the casino

      Manila casino with a luxurious space. At a huge casino that you can't taste in Japan, you can aim for a lot of money, bet lightly on the experience level, and enjoy playing at your own pace.

    • 21:30

      Casino departure

    • 22:00 - 22:30

      Arrival at the hotel

      Time may vary depending on the hotel where you stay.

Add-ons / Transportation

  • Add-ons

    • Pick the guest up at the airport, or send the guest to the airport

      * When picking up or sending to the airport, our staffing fee with an ID issued by the airport authority is required.

      8 or less participants Airport pick-up per flight [APT PU / PTN20269-500] ()USD 20.00

      8 people or less per flight sent to the airport [APT DP / PTN20269-501] ()USD 20.00

      9 or more participants Airport pick-up per flight [APT PU GRP / PTN 20269-510] ()USD 40.00

      9 or more participants per flight sent to the airport [APT DP GRP / PTN20269-511] ()USD 40.00

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Dinner
    • Casino (play fee is paid by the customer)
    • Japanese guide
  • Restrictions

    • Due to the age limit for admission to the casino, minors under the age of 20 are not allowed to participate.
  • What to Bring

    • Proof of age ID (passport)
    • Casino admission dress code: (Casual) Wear a shirt with a collar and clothes with less exposed skin. (Sleeveless and sandals may be refused admission)
    • In the Philippines, it is forbidden to go to public places with sleeveless or sandals.
  • Additional Info

    • It may change depending on the situation of the day such as the time and order of the tour. The itinerary will change depending on the hotel you are staying at.
    • Rates are per person.
    • Due to the age limit for admission to the casino, people under the age of 20 or younger are not allowed to participate (people over the age of 21 can participate)
    • If you extend the casino, you will be charged an excess fee for guides and vehicles.
    • The casino play fee is paid by the customer.
    • If we are over capacity on the day of the tour, or if the luggage cannot be accommodated, we may arrange an additional vehicle (for a fee) separately. If you have large loads such as large cardboard boxes, golf bags, baby strollers, wheelchairs, diving equipment, etc., please let us know in advance at the time of booking.
    • Pick-up and drop-off are limited to Bay Area, Makati and BGC areas. Additional charges may apply for pick-up and drop-off in other areas. Please contact us if you would like to be picked up in a different area.
    • A separate staffing fee will be charged for pick-up and drop-off at the airport ($ 20 per flight for 8 people or less, $ 40 per flight for 9 people or more)
    • It is possible to leave the group in the middle of the tour (no refunds, etc.).
  • Minimum Participants

    • 2
  • Cancellation Policies


    4 days before to 16:00

    After 16:00, 4 days before


    Participation Date

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  • [Combine]: Adult [PTN20269-000] (ages 21+)

    USD 120.00