WI-FI rental <Delivery at Cebu Airport>

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Upload photos to SNS of your memorable pictures taken at the resort! We have WI-FI rental available in Cebu. If you are staying for a short time, this WI-FI rental will free you from the frustration of the internet environment. You can also make contact with Japan promptly for your work. Upon your request, our staff will deliver the rental equipment to you upon your arrival at Mactan Cebu Airport. We will also meet you at the airport 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours before your flight. With the development of social networking services in recent years, it has become easy to connect with friends. Many people want to share their memories of their trips abroad in real time, and we have received many comments about how useful the Wi-Fi rental service is. In the Philippines, the signal is inevitably weaker than in Japan in some places, but we have prepared Wi-Fi that can be used in many places. If you want to look at a map outside of your hotel or decide which stores to visit in a shopping mall during your stay, you will be able to enjoy your trip to Cebu Island more if you have Internet access. Please note that we accept 3-day rental ($18~), and you can use only 1 or 2 days, but in that case, you will be charged for 3 days. *Connection may be worse than in Japan depending on the area (e.g. outside of Cebu City) or time of day (around 20:00~23:00). The reason for this is not a problem with the WIFI router, but a slow processing speed of the server. In general, we will return the router around 18:00 on the day before the customer's return.

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    4 hours

  • 3 days rental

    USD 18.00


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    • 4日目以降追加料金/1日追加 ※合計4日


      3 days rentalUSD 6.00

    • Additional after 4days /2 day


      3 days rentalUSD 12.00

    • Additional after 4days /3 day


      3 days rentalUSD 18.00

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    • It is possible to use it for only 1 or 2 days, but please note that rental charges for 3 days will be charged even in that case.
    • If you use it for more than 4 days, rental for 3 days (US $ 18) is the basic, optional 1 day (US $ 6) x additional days.
    • If picked up after 22:00, it will be counted from the next day.
    • In the case of return by 24:00, it will be counted until the day
    • If your WiFi router is lost or damaged, you will be charged a penalty fee of 3,000 pesos.
    • If your WiFi router is lost or damaged, you will be charged a penalty fee of 3,000 pesos.
    • If you wish to extend your use, please contact us in advance. Returns after the date of return will be overdue and will be charged US $ 6 / day
    • Pick-up and return only at Mactan International Airport
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    1 day before to 12:00


    1 day before to 16:00

    After 16:00, 1 day before


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  • 3 days rental

    USD 18.00