Japanese guide hire in Metro Manila

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In recent years, more and more people are personally arranging trips. After arranging the aircraft and hotels by yourself, new spots that are featured on the Internet for local sightseeing are becoming more and more popular. In such a trend, when visiting a place that is not yet open as a tourist destination, I could not communicate well with the local people, it took unexpected time, and as a result I could not achieve my purpose. There seems to be a case of a trend. Such problems are not limited to Japanese → English, but in the case of the Philippines, there is another official language called Tagalog, so assistance from local people is indispensable when aiming for smooth and accurate tourism. The PTN Travel guide can speak Tagalog, English, and Japanese, so you can handle any of the cases of "Japanese-English translation", "Japanese-Tagalog translation", and "English Tagalog translation" by yourself. Even if you can speak English, it is safe to have a guide who can easily solve various problems during the procedure and travel in Tagalog as a guide. We are looking forward to being able to provide tourist information while talking with many Japanese people as guides!

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Per-Booking

    USD 90.00


  • Highlight #1

    Remove the language barrier from free Manila tourism


  • Schedule

    • 0:00

      Pick up at your hotel (Parañaque, Pasay, Manila, Makati, BGC area)

      * We will pick you up at your desired time.

    • Sightseeing in Manila with a Japanese speaking guide

    • 3:00

      Send to your hotel (Parañaque, Pasay, Manila, Makati, BGC area)

Add-ons / Transportation

  • Add-ons

    • 1 hour extension


      Per-BookingUSD 30.00

    • 2 hours extension


      Per-BookingUSD 60.00

    • 3 hours extension


      Per-BookingUSD 90.00

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  • Transportation

    • Pick up at your hotel (Parañaque, Pasay, Manila, Makati, BGC area)

      * The meeting point will be at an easy-to-understand place such as a hotel. * Additional fees may apply for pickups and drop-offs in other areas. Please inquire if you would like to be picked up in a different area.
    • Pick up at your hotel (Parañaque, Pasay, Manila, Makati, BGC area)

      * When picking up at the airport, our staffing fee with an ID issued by the airport authority is required.

      Per-BookingUSD 20.00

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Japanese guide
  • What's Not Included

    • Each travel fee / transportation fee, etc.
    • Each admission material, etc.
  • Additional Info

    • The plan is [Japanese guide dispatch only] and does not include a shuttle car.
    • Each travel fee / transportation fee, etc. Fares incurred by public transportation such as taxis and entrance fees to each facility are not included in the tour fee. Please pay from the customers on the day of the event. (If the guide needs to board or enter, please pay for them)
    • Be careful of pickpockets of valuables such as wallets, mobile phones, and passports, especially in places with a lot of people such as malls and public transportation. You don't need a lot of money or the original passport that you don't plan to use unless you plan to use it.
    • The range of movement is limited to within Metro Manila.
    • A separate staffing fee is required for pick-up and drop-off at the airport ($ 20 per flight)
    • When arranging departures from the airport, the arrival terminal will differ depending on the flight you are using, so please enter the flight number you are using in the remarks column when making a reservation.
    • If the number of participants is 9 or more, the fee will be different.
    • It is possible to leave the group in the middle of the tour (no refunds, etc.).
  • Cancellation Policies


    4 days before to 16:00

    After 16:00, 4 days before


    Participation Date

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  • Per-Booking

    USD 90.00