[PRIVATE Airport transfer VAN & English-speaking drivers only] Hotel within Metro Manila to Manila Airport [Van type designation]

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Manila's airport "Ninoy Aquino International Airport (commonly known as NAIA)" has four terminals, each of which is crowded. Since it is the airport of the capital, flights arrive and depart from all over the world, and heavy traffic jams often occur in the surrounding area, but since trains do not enter the airport, stable passengers cannot be sent, and taxis etc. There is no choice but to use the transportation system of. The way taxis line up on arrival is particularly amazing, and it's not uncommon to line up for two hours. It's not an exaggeration, and it is recommended to use a shuttle car instead of a taxi to really get out of the airport to downtown Manila. Manila, in particular, is a place in the Philippines where you can enjoy smooth sightseeing by buying time for money. As a Japanese travel agency, we provide a pick-up service between airport hotels for the safety of all travelers from Japan and for smooth and comfortable travel. In the airport hotel transfer service, you can select "Mixed loading / private car" or "With or without Japanese guide (airport → hotel transfer only)". At "Airport → Hotel Transfer", our airport staff will wait with a banner with your name on it according to the arrival time of your flight. After merging with the airport staff, the staff will guide you to the arranged shuttle car, and you will basically leave with zero waiting time. Please note that you may have to wait a few minutes if the terminal is crowded. If you choose to have a Japanese guide, a Japanese-speaking Filipino guide will accompany you to your hotel to answer basic Manila explanations and questions from guests, and check in after you arrive at the hotel. We will even assist you. If you do not have a guide, your driver will take you to the hotel lobby. In "Hotel → Airport Transfer", we will inform you of the departure time so that you can arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure of your flight. There are other cities with less traffic jams overseas, and you may feel that the pickup is a little quicker, but there are various road conditions depending on the location of the hotel, traffic jams, time zone, and day of the week, so let us consider the conditions. We will guide you to the optimal time after receiving it. After arriving at the airport, our airport staff will welcome you and assist you to the relevant terminal entrance at Manila Airport. * Currently, due to security regulations, only travelers are prohibited from entering the airport.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    1 hours

  • Common to adults and children: Hotel (Paranaque City, Pasay City, Manila City, Makati City, BGC area) ⇒ Manila Airport [PTN20004-000] (ages 3+)

    USD 35.00

  • Infants: Hotel (Paranaque City, Pasay City, Manila City, Makati City, around BGC) ⇒ Manila Airport [PTN20004-000] (ages 2 & under)

    USD 0.00


  • Schedule

  • Dropoff / Checkout

    • 0:00

      Pick up guests at the hotel

      * We will pick you up at the airport according to your flight time.

    • Move by private car

    • 1:00

      Send to Manila (Ninoy Aquino) International Airport

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Charter car fare (private car)
  • Additional Info

    • The price is per person
    • Number of suitcases that can be brought in (approximate): Up to 1 suitcase per person / 6 passengers
    • If we are over capacity on the day of the tour, or if the luggage cannot be accommodated, we may arrange an additional vehicle (for a fee) separately. If you have large loads such as large cardboard boxes, golf bags, baby strollers, wheelchairs, diving equipment, etc., please let us know in advance at the time of booking.
    • Up to 1 infant per adult.
    • There are no seats for infants. If you would like a seat for an infant, please apply at an adult rate.
    • Limited to transfers to and from the Bay Area, Makati and BGC areas.
    • Upon arrival at the airport, staff with special permission from the airport authorities will guide you. Due to airport regulations, only passengers can enter the terminal, so staff can only accompany you to the terminal entrance. Please note.
  • Minimum Participants

    • 2
  • Cancellation Policies


    4 days before to 16:00

    After 16:00, 4 days before


    Participation Date

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  • Common to adults and children: Hotel (Paranaque City, Pasay City, Manila City, Makati City, BGC area) ⇒ Manila Airport [PTN20004-000] (ages 3+)

    USD 35.00

  • Infants: Hotel (Paranaque City, Pasay City, Manila City, Makati City, around BGC) ⇒ Manila Airport [PTN20004-000] (ages 2 & under)

    USD 0.00