Bohol Island Mankitsu Tour

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We will take you to one of Bohol's best private beaches, different from the beaches of Cebu and Mactan. The white sands beach of Bohol, which is shallow and stretches out to the side, is a place where the atmosphere of the resort is exactly the same, and make memorable memories. Of course, the tour is a greedy one-day tour where you can enjoy Filipino cuisine and bamboo dance at Tasha tour and Loboc River cruise lunch! Why not join us for making wonderful memories not only in Cebu but also in Bohol. White Sands Beach is a shallow, safe sea that can be enjoyed not only by couples and girls but also by families. Bohol Island, which has a different sea from Cebu Island, is quiet, spacious and spacious. You can also visit Tasha, a precious creature worldwide, as well as experience thrilling buggy and zip bikes at Chocolate Hills.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    16 hours

  • Adult (ages 10+)

    USD 150.00

  • Application by 1 person

    USD 300.00

  • Child (ages 2-9)

    USD 130.00

  • Infant (ages 1 & under)

    USD 0.00


  • Schedule

    • 4:30 - 6:00

      Depart the hotel

      You will be picked up by an English driver only. Pick-up time may vary depending on your hotel.

    • 6:15

      Arrive at Cebu Port, meet our staff

    • 7:00

      Depart Cebu Port (high-speed boat)

      Departure on a high-speed boat with minimal turbulence! If you are worried about seasickness, please bring an anti-sickness medicine just in case. * Seats are in economy class. If you would like to take business class, please apply for it from the Option menu. * Breakfast can be purchased if there is enough time before boarding after arrival at the port.

    • 9:00

      Arrive at Tagbilaran Port and depart for sightseeing in Bohol Island

      [About BOHOL island] It is a beautiful island with untouched nature. There is a wide, shallow, horizontal stretch of pure white beach.

    • 10:00

      Arrival at White Sand Beach, Panglao Island

      We will take you to White Beach on Panglao Island, famous for its especially beautiful white beach. It is one of the symbols of Bohol Island, and its 1.5 km long beach and coral reefs are beautiful and different from those of Mactan Island. You can also use the hotel's swimming pool.

    • 11:00

      Departure from White Sand Beach

    • 11:30

      Baclayon Church (La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church)

      One of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Although the church looks somewhat battered, perhaps because it is located by the sea, you can feel the sacred atmosphere inside, where devout believers are praying earnestly.

    • 11:45

      The Blood Compact Marker

      This monument was built in 1565 to commemorate the signing of a treaty of friendship between Legazpi, the Spanish governor, and Sicatuna, the chief of the island, who drank each other's blood in a cup. It also offers a beautiful view of the sea.

    • 12:30

      Lunch on Loboc River Cruise (Filipino cuisine)

      Lunch time while cruising down the Loboc River on a houseboat! A band will be on board to provide a fun atmosphere, and you will be served buffet-style Filipino cuisine. In addition, local people will perform Bamboo Dance, so why don't you join them? Lunch with a view of Bohol's rich nature will add to the fun and make the food taste many times better than usual♪ Beverages can be ordered on the day of the event for an extra charge.Drinks can be ordered on the day at an extra charge.

    • 13:30

      Bamboo Hanging Bridge

      The height of this suspension bridge is impressive!

    • 14:00

      Visit the world's smallest tarsier

      Bohol is home to the world's smallest tarsier monkey, Tasha. Weighing only 120 grams and measuring 20 to 30 cm in length, it is small enough to fit in one's hand. They are nocturnal animals with impressive eyes that are about half the size of their faces. Please note that there are stairs to climb on the way to the tour.

    • 16:00

      Arrival at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

    • Chocolate Hills viewing platform

      Climbing the stairs leading to the observatory, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the mountains stretching to the horizon. It is said that the name comes from the brownish-chocolate color of the trees during the dry season from April to June, and the many shells excavated here suggest that the area was once an ocean floor.

    • Recommended activity 1: ATV experience* (apply and pay on the spot)

      Ride through nature on an ATV! All you have to do is press the accelerator pedal, so it is easy and safe to drive, and you will be accompanied by a dedicated guide. ATV ride to the foot of the Chocolate Hills, and a photo time at the end. [Fees] ATV for one seater 30 minutes: 700 pesos 60 minutes: 1,100 pesos ATV for two seater (recommended for people with children or couples) 30 minutes: 1,300 pesos 60 minutes: 2,000 pesos

    • * Recommended way to play 2: Experience a zip bike * (Apply and pay are at locally)

      Ride a bicycle attached to a wire. A thrilling activity to pedal the bike! You can have a luxurious experience of looking at the Chocolate Hills from the sky. [Fee] ☆ 600 pesos / person * Photographing with your smartphone or camera: 50 pesos Taken with the camera of a local photographer: 100 pesos per sheet * Data and printed photos will be given on the day of the event. You can only receive photos on SD or Android. * If you are attending with small children, the children will be required to ride in the passenger seat of the buggy for 2 people. * Please apply locally for both buggies and zip bikes. Depending on the congestion situation on the day, only one of the activities may be available.

    • 18:00

      Arrival at Tagbilaran Port, Bohol

    • 18:30

      Departure from Bohol Island

    • 20:30

      Arrival at Cebu Port

      An English-speaking driver will pick you up.

    • 21:00 - 22:00

      Arrival at Hotel

Add-ons / Transportation

  • Add-ons

    • Upgrade to Business Class


      Adult (ages 10+)USD 35.00

      Application by 1 personUSD 35.00

      Child (ages 2-9)USD 35.00

      Infant (ages 1 & under)USD 0.00

  • Transportation

    • Hotels in Mactan Island

    • Hotels in Cordova area, Mactan

    • Hotels in Cebu City Hotel

    • Around Pulchra Resort


      Adult (ages 10+)USD 35.00

      Application by 1 personUSD 70.00

      Child (ages 2-9)USD 35.00

      Infant (ages 1 & under)USD 0.00

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Round-trip transfer from hotel to Cebu port
    • Round-trip speedboat Cebu-Bohol
    • Vehicles in Bohol Island
    • Entrance fee for each facility
    • River cruise lunch fee (1 soft drink included)
    • Japanese speaker guide
  • What's Not Included

    • 【Experience Activity Fees】
    • ●Zip bike: 600 pesos
    • ATV ☆ Single-seater ATV 60 min: 1,100 pesos
    • ☆ Two-seater ATV 60 min: 2,000 pesos
    • You can choose one of the above options on site. Please pay the tour fee in cash directly at the local host on the day of the tour. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Requirements

    • We will issue the tickets for the high-speed boat immediately after the reservation is confirmed. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation will incur a cancellation fee of USD 35 per person, regardless of the cancellation policy.
    • *In the case of business class, a USD 60 per person high speed boat cancellation fee will be charged after the reservation is confirmed.
    • For date change of ticket: USD 5 per participant from the date of confirmed reservation until 12:00 local time 3 business days prior to the date of participation. USD 35 per participant after 12:00 local time 3 business days prior to the date of participation. Changes cannot be made during the request process. USD 60 per person for business class
    • The tour schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather, traffic, or ferry service. The tour organizer will not compensate for the cost of accommodation in Bohol Island or for the cost of changing or re-purchasing flights home.
  • Restrictions

    • [ATV] Age limit, 10 years old and up; children under 10 years old must be driven by a parent or guardian in a 2-passenger ATV.
    • [Zip Bike] Weight limit: 100kg or less. Height limit: 120cm or more.
    • The high-speed boat may be cancelled due to weather conditions. Please refrain from joining the tour on the day before your return date, as the return trip may be cancelled due to inclement weather even if the outbound trip has departed.
    • Children under 3 years old are free of charge. However, meals, and seats on the high-speed boat are not included. If meals and seats are required, please apply for the child fare.
    • A medical certificate (in English) from a doctor is required for all passengers after the fourth month of pregnancy when boarding a high-speed vessel. The doctor's signature is required, along with the pregnant passenger's name, current trimester of pregnancy, expected delivery date, and whether or not the passenger has any problems traveling.
  • What to Bring

    • Breakfast
    • Copy of passport (photo page of face)
    • Flip-flop sandal
    • Shoulder coverings, lapcoats, jackets, or other things to put on
    • Swimsuit
    • Towel
    • Change of clothes
    • Small amount of money (about 1,500 to 2,000 pesos)
    • Activity fees such as ATVs, zip bikes, etc.
  • Minimum Participants

    • 2
  • Cancellation Policies

    USD 35.00

    1 day before to 12:00


    1 day before to 16:00

    After 16:00, 1 day before


    Participation Date

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  • Adult (ages 10+)

    USD 150.00

  • Application by 1 person

    USD 300.00

  • Child (ages 2-9)

    USD 130.00

  • Infant (ages 1 & under)

    USD 0.00